Make your ABN details even more detailed!

Changes to the way you can update your ABN details with the Australian Business Register means you can now add more information to your listing, giving a holistic view of your business and its operations. 

From now on, you can now include up to four additional business activities under your ABN, while maintaining your central business activity already listed.

For example, a café that includes a bookstore, catering and accommodation in an apartment upstairs would previously be listed as a cafe operation (45110). Under the new rules, business owners could list three other business operations, such as bed and breakfast (ANZSIC:44000), book retailing (ANZSIC:42442) and catering services.

Any additional business activities added will include their Australian and New Zealand Industry Classification (ANZSIC) code, ensuring that your ABN will reflect your full range of business operations.

The move was made to help government agencies provide businesses with appropriate support and access to stimulus measures. 

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