Profit First

Every “Entrepreneur” needs an easy-to-understand cash management system.
The methods taught in the Profit First model will give it to you.

As your Certified Profit First advisor, we will guide you to overcome your financial obstacles and reach your profit goals. We care about the success of your business.

Do you own an established business?
Are you starting a new business venture?
Are you a sole trader?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then you are an “Entrepreneur”.

As an “Entrepreneur” you are pretty special.

As an “Entrepreneur” you are creative, innovative, resourceful and skilled.

As an “Entrepreneur” you create social change, break traditions, create employment and benefit our economy.

As an “Entrepreneur” you’ve taken all responsibility for the success of your business and all of the financial risk.

As an “Entrepreneur” you want to enjoy the rewards from the success of your business.

As an “Entrepreneur” you feel the pain of little time and little money during the difficult periods of your business.

We are Different

We are not just another BAS, bookkeeping and payroll service providing excellent services to our clients.

We are Certified Profit First Professionals.

With our guidance you can achieve your dream of success for your business.

Central Coast BAS Bookkeeping & Payroll is successful thanks to the Profit First model.

This is how:

  • Profit First reverse engineers the conventional:
  • Sales minus Expenses = Profit

  • Profit First rewards “Entrepreneurs” first:
  • Sales minus Profit = Expenses

Financial Reports are useful in reporting what has already happened; old information that is useful at tax time.

What you need is information that is current and available right now, every day on any device.

This way you will know exactly where the money is and keep your spending plan under control.

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