Why everyone’s talking about Xero

If you’re a small business owner, chances are that you’ve had many people ask you whether you use Xero.

Xero is the user-friendly software employed by business owners to perform bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Xero’s capabilities include:

  • Submitting and calculating company expenses
  • Submitting detailed timesheets and managing payslips
  • Calculating leave balances and applying for leave
  • Invoicing and paying bills

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Withholding employee tax

Are you unsure about the amount you should be withholding from your employees’ wages for tax contributions? Making sure you withhold the right amount of tax is the most important way of ensuring that your employees’ EOFY requirements are met, and they aren’t left owing the ATO money. 

You can work out how much tax to withhold by downloading useful tax tables and other resources from the ATO’s website, using their calculators.


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We’re here for you

In this return of harsh lockdowns and uncertainty, we’re here for you. The COVID-19 Delta variant’s arrival has impacted a huge amount of business, both big and small. While some support for employers is available, it can be difficult to find unless you speak to a professional. We’re constantly staying informed with the latest in financial support, incentives and assistance under these ever-changing circumstances. 


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