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Melissa Caddick was last seen in November and disappeared after accusations against her emerged about financial misconduct. Her case is one that has captivated the nation – not just because she is a missing person with evidence of her ill fate being found, but because her crimes are ones we’re all afraid of.

Although she made a living as a so-called ‘financial advisor,’ Caddick didn’t possess an Australian Financial Services License and fooled many who trusted her into losing millions of dollars. Bank statements, tax returns, spreadsheets, and other documents were all falsified by Melissa Caddick as manipulation tools.

The scam conducted by Caddick and her disappearance is tragic for her family and for those individuals and businesses that she received investments from. While all of us hope this never happens to us, employing the services of BAS, bookkeeping, and accounting to protect you and your business has never been more important.

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