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Is your ABN up to date?

Organisation is key to running a profitable business. Having everything in order from backend administration to systemising you workflow ensures that your business is running smoothly and with maximum efficiency. Having your ABN details up to date is no exception.

Key details to keep up to date at all times for your ABN are your physical and postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. These details can be easily updated with the Australian Business Register through MyGov.

Why is it so important to keep your ABN details up to date? 

  • ABN details are used by authorities to contact your business in times of emergencies. Incorrect details supplied to these authorities leaves your business at risk of missing out on critical correspondence.
  • ABN details are used to qualify your business for access to updates and grants.
  • Correct and up to date ABN details make the processing of funds in and out of your business accounts easier to manage.

Visit myGov to update your details now

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