Are you tax-return ready? 

Leading up to the end of financial year it’s a good idea to brush up on your tax knowledge. Here’s a little quiz to test your knowledge to see if you’re tax ready. The TestAre the following statements True or False? Cash, cryptocurrency, online sales, capital gains and income from the sharing economy are all […]

COVID-19 tests tax deductions

One expense many companies will be dealing with this year is the purchase of COVID-19 RAT tests. Fortunately, COVID-19 tests purchased from 1 July 2021 for work purposes are tax-deductible. Anytime you have provided, or reimbursed, the cost of COVID-19 tests for your employees you will able to add it as a tax deduction. If […]

Are you working with a ‘Phoenix’?

Have you known a business that shut down to avoid paying debts, only to “rise from the ashes” and pop up again under a different company name without any debt? The practice is known as phoenixing and it’s illegal, costing the Australian economy somewhere between $1.78 and $3.19 billion annually. A phoenix company generally keeps […]

Protect your business from cyber scams

More and more, cybercriminals are targeting small businesses with email scams.  The fraudulent emails and usually created with the scammer posing as a legitimate business contact or staff member, requesting a change in bank account details for a business payment.  The emails may come from hacked email account or websites with domain names similar to […]

Make your ABN details even more detailed!

Changes to the way you can update your ABN details with the Australian Business Register means you can now add more information to your listing, giving a holistic view of your business and its operations.  From now on, you can now include up to four additional business activities under your ABN, while maintaining your central […]

Supporting your business in difficult times

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made conditions tough for many businesses in the last year.  If you have a small business that’s experienced difficulty recently, there may be services available to help you through. The ATO has a range of support available for small businesses experiencing difficult situations, such as natural disasters, mental health challenges or […]

Do your records need a spring clean

Has your record keeping left a lot to be desired lately? Jobmaker and other government support has made matters even more complicated, and factoring it into your calculations is a confusing but necessary task. Having your record keeping and expenses in order means you’ll have full oversight of your business and be in a better […]

Scam reminder


Being targetted by scammers can happen to anyone – so it’s important to educate yourself on how to spot warning signs, and how to get help if you believe you’ve been scammed. With so many platforms and unlimited technology available for scammers to compromise, staying one step ahead of scamming trends is the best way […]

Important dates

november calendar

As the end of the year approaches, it’s easy to relax into holiday mode. However, there are still some important dates to remember! Write these dates down before you put up the Christmas tree. 22 November 2021 October monthly BAS due 29 November 2021September quarter SG charge statement due 21 December 2021 November monthly BAS […]

Single Touch Payroll: Phase 2


If you want to stay up to date with Phase 2 of Single Touch Payroll, you can register for webinars with the ATO. Webinar sessions will be hosted by specialists throughout October, touching on various topics and considerations you may have. You still have time to register for the following session: Friday 22nd October 1:00-2:30 […]