Consequences for employees making late super payments

man late for tax

Last month we spoke about the consequences of avoiding payroll tax for employers. However, if you’re an employer, it’s equally important to make sure that you’re paying your employees’ super on time. Missing the due dates for superannuation contributions results in extra fees for your business, such as a ‘super guarantee charge.’   Learn more

Those impacted by drought set for government assistance

With all that has happened surrounding COVID-19 since 2020, it’s easy to forget what came before. Bushfires in Australia were a devastating result of the drought that continues to plague some of us. The result of this is increased financial pressures – but if you’re an eligible small business, the ATO may be able to […]

The ATO’s advice on getting your tax returns right

tax season australia

Avoiding mistakes in your tax return is important. Part of getting your tax return right is consistently maintaining all your records – something we can help you with. The ATO cites the following as the most important things to do: Declare all of your income accurately, including capital gains. Record what funds have been taken out […]