2020 for small businesses: Glass half full.

It’s been well-publicised that COVID-19 has forced some businesses to adapt the way they work, while it’s completely destroying others.

2020 has not discriminated between businesses small and large, and in many ways – it’s been business owners who have suffered the largest consequences as a result of lockdowns.

However, lesser discussed are the ways that some businesses have in fact benefitted from the events of 2020. Smart Company’s article serves as a bit of a pick-me-up, discussing some of the perks – from an increase in e-commerce to the rise of the ‘shop local’ movement, and improved resilience.

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ATO services over the holiday period

The Australian Tax Office, like many of us, are preparing to take some time off during the festive period. Their offices, social media channels, and contact centres will all share the following closure times:

  • CLOSED FROM: 12 noon, Thursday 24 December 2020

  • OPEN FROM: 8 am, Monday 4 January 2021

For any tax-related information you may need from them during this time, visit their website.


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Understanding public holidays

Understanding what public holidays mean for you if you’re an employer or an employee can be a little bit confusing. Often they vary from state to state, and the entitlements can become a bit unclear.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has released a comprehensive guide to public holidays, including a list of public holidays, and what working or not working on public holidays means for different types of employees.

Fair Work has also provided an easy-to-understand video that summarises “who is entitled to take a day off on a public holiday and what you should be paid.”

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