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It’s important to keep your business moving without getting bogged down in numbers and time-consuming tasks. Here are some of the ways that enlisting the work of a bookkeeper takes the burden out of business.

  • You’re a specialist in your field, but probably not in bookkeeping. Trying to self-manage financial matters without specialised industry knowledge can result in monetary penalties. We’re specialists in GST, clerical accounting, BAS, IAS and payroll, which means you don’t have to be!
  • Working with a bookkeeper means that you get to concentrate on the jobs that are more profitable and important to your business.
  • Human error can and does occur when it comes to these areas of business. By avoiding these mistakes and their repercussions your business can save money.
  • Your bills will get paid on time without you having to worry about them.
  • Delegating these tasks to a bookkeeper means less stress for you, increasing the likelihood of a healthy work-life balance.
  • Getting your financials organised by a bookkeeper can give you a fresh perspective using tailored reports and fresh insights.
  • A bookkeeper can act as a ‘gatekeeper’ of a business’ money. This is particularly important for those co-owning, as it removes the likelihood of any altercations between partners.

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Is your ABN up to date?

Organisation is key to running a profitable business. Having everything in order from backend administration to systemising you workflow ensures that your business is running smoothly and with maximum efficiency. Having your ABN details up to date is no exception.

Key details to keep up to date at all times for your ABN are your physical and postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. These details can be easily updated with the Australian Business Register through MyGov.

Why is it so important to keep your ABN details up to date? 

  • ABN details are used by authorities to contact your business in times of emergencies. Incorrect details supplied to these authorities leaves your business at risk of missing out on critical correspondence.
  • ABN details are used to qualify your business for access to updates and grants.
  • Correct and up to date ABN details make the processing of funds in and out of your business accounts easier to manage.

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Decoding JobKeeper for Employers

The government’s hasty answer to the financial strain of COVID-19 has puzzled many businesses regarding their responsibilities to their employees. Considering that COVID-19 has taken the nation by surprise, it’s fitting that the same can be said for the financial support the Australian government has formulated.

Here are few decoded facts about JobKeeper:

  • JobKeeper is different to JobSeeker. JobSeeker is paid directly by Centrelink to individuals who are unemployed. JobSeeker has been known in the past as ‘government benefits’ for individuals.
  • JobKeeper is paid to employers to subsidise employee wages, allowing many workers to remain in their jobs.
  • JobKeeper currently subsidies each employeeup to $1,500 to employers per fortnight per employee before taxes, and an employer must then only pay the difference between the $1,500 and an employee’s usual wage.
  • On 21 July the government announced proposed changes to JobKeeper including an extension through to 28 March 2021.
  • JobKeeper payments are treated as a regular wage in terms of tax. When paid to the employee, income tax is still withheld, making the amount receivable less than $1,500.
  • JobKeeper is not included in BAS as it is not considered sales income.

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