I don’t like pineapple on my pizza!


A simple statement like ‘I don’t like pineapple on my pizza!’ as a password can take more than one year and costs scammers more than $100,000 to crack. This is a great password because it: is easy to remember has lots of characters includes special characters such as an apostrophe, exclamation mark and spaces. The […]

Less paperwork when hiring


It’s time to say goodbye to the multiple paper forms that have been required when hiring a new employee. Simply ask your new hire to use the pre-filled Tax file number declaration and Super Choice form via the ATO online services account linked through their myGov login. All you need to do is provide the employee with: your ABN […]

Salary sacrifice changes


Many employees choose to forego part of their pay and instead have their employer contribute it to their superannuation fund instead. Prior to 1 January 2020, employers could calculate the amount of superannuation guarantee contributions (SGC) they had to pay based on the reduced salary of an employee after their salary sacrifice had been taken […]